Seattle Shopify Developers

We love Shopify and our Seattle based programming team has created fantastic stores and even Shopify Apps.  With Shopify you can get a custom designed store that you can integrate with your manufacturing, shipping, logistics, payroll, accounting, sales & marketing and all of your business functions. Shopify is your ecommerce hub that can connect to Amazon, Walmart, eBay and any other sales channel you sell through.

Shopify is a fully hosted solution which means you don’t need to use your own servers, they take care of that all for you. Fully customize your design, products, track products and integrate with 3rd party applications to get the most out your Shopify experience.

All of our Shopify sites are built with responsive design which makes them mobile friendly and looking good on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Official Shopify Experts

BTown Web is an official Shopify Expert company and just recently we were also accepted into the Shopify Plus Experts Program (one of only 60 companies worldwide).


Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted enterprise ecommerce platform that offers a tremendous amount of features above and beyond the standard Shopify plans. Here is a quick summary of the benefits of Shopify Plus: dedicated support, CDN, checkout page customization, unlimited API access, Shopify scripts, discount code API, gift card API, single sign-on for membership sites, unlimited staff accounts, no transaction fees, Avalara tax integration, discounts on popular apps and much more. Read all about the benefits of Shopify Plus in our detailed review here.


Shopify Maintenance Contracts

BTown Web offers maintenance contracts to make sure your Shopify store looks great, loads quickly and is performing at its highest potential. Running your Shopify store, fulfilling orders, marketing your products and dealing with customers is a full time job. Let BTown help you manage your store and take programming off your plate.

Shopify Growth & Maintenance Contracts

Are you looking for professional assistance crafting growth strategies for your Shopify Store? BTown Web offers a Growth and Maintenance contract designed to increase sales at your store. If you sign up for a Shopify Growth Contract you also get everything included in the Shopify Maintenance contract shown above.

Shopify App Developers

Are you looking for custom functionality in your store? Often we can accomplish what you needed by modifying Shopify’s liquid template files, however sometimes it’s necessary to create a Shopify app to solve the problem. We created a tabbed content app and put together a write up on how to create your own Shopify app, read more about it here.  If you are looking for Shopify app development, get in touch with us and we would be happy to get you a quote.

Shopify vs WooCommerce

For a really in depth review of Shopify and how it stacks up against WooCommerce, check out this comparison document we created.

Shopify vs Magento

If you are on Magento and considering a switch to Shopify, check out this Magento to Shopify Migration Guide we created to show you the pros and cons of migrating and the process to get started.