Seattle Web Development Professionals

What happens when you sign up with us to get a new website? Let me walk you through the process so you understand exactly what developing a new site entails.

Scoping Your New Website

The first thing we need to determine is the scope of your project. What would you like us to build? Do you need an eCommerce site? Are you looking for custom forms? What type of design do you want? Once we can answer those questions, we’ll have a good idea how much work the project is going to take us.

Creating the Proposal

Once we have the scope of your project, the next step is to put down the details into a proposal. The proposal will outline the work that we are to complete, offer hosting and set the payment terms. If you want to see a sample proposal prior to starting work with BTown Web, send us an email and I can share an example with you.

Personalized Images

When we begin to think about designing your site, the first thing I will ask is if you have personalized images of your company and your employees. We absolutely don’t want to use stock photos and don’t worry if your photos of your employees aren’t perfect. It’s important that your potential customers see who you really are and where you work, they don’t want to see a fake looking stock photo.

How the Design Process Works

It’s important that we get your design just right. Creating your ideal design takes work and one of the first things we need to do is get inside your head a bit. The way we do that is to have you pick out 2-3 sites that you like and identify the elements of each site that you like. For example, did you like the colors on site 1? Maybe the slideshow on site 2? If we can get insight into what you like, it will make the design process go much smoother.

Crafting Your Design

Creating your new design is an iterative process. When we come up with the original concept you have the ability to make updates/changes and we will come back to you with the next version. The ultimate output of design is a Photoshop file that we will use that when we start development. When you are happy with the design and agree that’s what you want, then it’s time to get everything lined up to start the development.

Where is Your Domain Name?

We will need to know where your domain name is located. Many people use GoDaddy as their domain name registrar. If you don’t yet have a domain name we can help you pick one out.

Development of your new Website

Now that we have the design in place, it’s time to start development. We will take the Photoshop file (PSD) and start “skinning” it. Skinning the PSD means that we will turn the image into CSS, HTML and javascript and jquery as needed to bring the design alive on the web. If we are using WordPress we will layer the design on top of WordPress so you have a completely custom site. All the work will be done on one of our development servers.

Launching your new Site

After you have thoroughly reviewed your site on our development server and are happy with everything, then we will make it live. We will first upload the files to the hosting server, one of ours or your own server if you don’t need us for hosting. After the files are uploaded, we will change the DNS record on your domain name and re-point the domain name to the correct server. It

Post Launch Support

After the site goes live we will give you post launch support and fix any issues w/ the site that pop up in the first 3 months. Sometimes browser issues may show up and we can help fix that so that your site will render correctly.