You need a site that looks great on a desktop, a tablet and a mobile device and BTown Web does that by using responsive web design. We can help explain to you how responsive design works and can walk you through what it takes to make your web site mobile friendly.

How does responsive design work?

By using CSS and HTML we are able to move your text and images around the page so that they fluidly rearrange to fit the size of the device. The best way to tell if a site is responsive or not, is to take your browser and start squeezing the width of it so that it approximates the width of a mobile device. If you do that on your desktop or laptop you can see the pieces of the site start to rearrange to fit into the new screen size.

Does Google care about responsive design?

Yes! On April 21st, 2015 Google rolled out a responsive design update to their search rankings. This update penalized sites that are not mobile friendly, but more importantly it rewarded the sites that have pages that look great on a mobile device.

How do I tell if my site is mobile friendly?

Google created a mobile friendly test, enter your home page URL or any URL on your site and you can quickly check to see if you have a responsive design.

Do I need to have my main site and a different responsive design mobile site?

No, with responsive design you only need 1 site and you can easily read and scroll through all the pictures, text and videos on your site.

Email us today and we can help you make your web site responsive!