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Chado Tea

Chado Tea’s journey started in 1990 as a small tea room in Los Angeles. Now, they operate 4 stores in the Los Angeles area and have expanded their tea selection to the online marketplace. Chado Tea tea rooms offer a full selection of their premium teas and a wonderful high tea experience, with friendly and passionate staff.

Nearly all of the teas are sourced directly from gardens and producers in the teas’ countries of origin. Developing close relationships with their suppliers allows Chado Tea to bring customers tea within weeks – sometimes days – of being manufactured. They also create all of their blends in their manufacturing facility in Southern California in small batches to ensure the freshness of the ingredients and flavors.


Chado Tea asked our team for a full-site build from scratch and a platform migration from Magento to Shopify, despite a few difficulties along the way, the end result is a beautiful site that reflects their values and the atmosphere of their tea rooms. Explore the Chado Tea here:

The Challenge

Chado Tea came to us looking for a full-site build and for a platform migration from Magento to Shopify. Their old site and platform were just no longer working for their level of business growth, so we had to start from scratch.

The Process

First, we built the basic HTML structure of the site and then started plugging in Liquid, Schema, and Styles. Next, we had to migrate the data from Magento to Shopify. Data migration can always be a bit tricky and this case was no exception. To help resolve some of the issues we ran into, a third party app, Cart2Cart, was used. Even with the help of the third party app, a custom script needed to be written and about 40% of the migration ended up being done manually. Data migration can be a very painful process and without experience and the proper tools, the damage can be irreparable. While the work was tedious, our team handled the migration beautifully.

The Solution

Chado Tea asked for us to create a brand new site on Shopify, and that’s exactly what we were able to provide for them. Despite the difficulties of data migration, Chado Tea now resides on the Shopify platform instead of Magento, leading to a better experience for them and their customers. The new site can be viewed here:

Customer References

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, but then again every company says that right?

Talk to our clients to get a 3rd party perspective on how we serve our customers.

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We worked with BTownWeb on a multi-month project to migrate complex custom e-commerce flows from Solidus to Shopify. They were outstanding in all phases of the project. The lead engineer that worked with us was utterly professional, wrote great, maintainable code, and was tremendously helpful when the inevitable surprises came up. He had a comprehensive knowledge of the Shopify API and was aware not just of the possible solutions to our problems, but of the hidden pitfalls that could easily have derailed us. BTownWeb delivered on-time, on-budget, and on-quality, and they would be my first call if we need additional help with Shopify.

~ Michael Natkin, Glowforge

The Btown team has been everything I hoped they would be: experts at Shopify, competent in web development overall, easy to work with, responsive, and just all around pros. I’d hire them again in a minute. In fact, I already have. I now work with them on an on-going basic.

Hire them.

~ Alex Berg, Rep The Squad

Working with Matt and BTown Web was a truly amazing experience. We were doing a complete redesign of our Shopify Plus store ( and BTown Web helped us from start to finish.
We have more work to be done since we’ve been growing (in large part from BTown’s help) and we’re going to have help us with future custom features for our site. We highly recommend them.

~ Li Zou, Easy@Home

There are not enough characters in this space to express the gratitude we have for Larry at Btownweb. He has become like a friend… In fact, just got off the phone and my husband said, “what a great help he has been to us [in such a short amount of time and at the spur of the moment]!” He has gone above and beyond and did everything we asked for and even noticed little details we hadn’t thought about for what our site could use. Thank you so much for your service and support…. We will DEFINITELY be back!

~ April Henry, The Singer Featherweight Shop

For more than half a year, I’ve worked directly with Andrew at Btown. Hands-down, Andrew has been an invaluable asset for our company. He’s extremely knowledgeable, work is top grade, and the turn-around is amazing. I would highly recommend Btown for UX and back-end work in Shopify.

~ Deep Sentinel

BTownWeb’s strongest suit is that they are small, nimble, and agile. They are willing to work with you to develop the right solution for your business. They were very responsive from start to finish, even when a lot of hand-holding was necessary. They took responsibility for their work all the way through the end and was always available to solve issues.
I would definitely work with them again.

~ Skinsei

From the initial conversations to the final decision BTown Web was a cut above. They were low pressure, flexible and capable – a combination we find rare and enjoyable in a business relationship. They were also completely transparent both in their capabilities and in their input on our requests which always let us know exactly where things stood. It was just as you want a consultant experience to be, consistent, confident, capable and flexible.

In the end, they helped us get the site we wanted, and helped our team without reservation which is refreshing in an age where some want to keep the “magic” of web design to themselves.

~ Skinsei

The more I use SS the happier I am. Love the ease of sales reports info at my fingertips. I’ve never had that before. Plus today I had a order from Europe and the customs form was complete populated with the order content. Yay! I’ve been needing this in my life so very much but didn’t know it.
I also had some time to brows your articles on FB. Your passion for what you do is contagious and that’s such a compelling quality in a business owner. I feel really lucky that I opened your email that got me on board. I look forward to exploring my little micro businesses potential over time. I had no idea so much great stuff was out there in a non threatening accessible format, i.e. Shipstation and Mailchimp.

~ Roma Buchanon, Romazone

Domain Holdings Group has been working with Chad and his team (mainly Larry and Matt) for at least 3 years. It’s been a great pleasure working with them on several projects such as online marketing, web design, and database development. From helping us with our digital marketing strategy, building a website or a database, or to troubleshooting, BTownWeb has always provided us with great knowledge, professional manners, and quick turnaround time.

~ Domain Holdings Group

BTown Web is a lean, mean web developing machine. They’ve successfully completed several digital projects for us on-time, on-budget and have become a go-to web and SEO resource for us and our clients.

~ Anna Petrocco, C+C Social Marketing & PR

I called Chad with when my other website designer skipped town and left me in a lurch. He and his staff were able to attend to the damages after hours and I was up and running that night.

~ Vicki Rinehart, Rinehart Inspection Services LLC