Starting in 2007, we fell in love with the web and wanted to learn everything we could about digital marketing. Thousands of hours later, we are experts at launching sites, businesses and marketplaces and it shows in the quality of our work.

Our clients are all over the US, from Florida to New York to California and Washington we have the 50 states covered.

Chad Fisher
Born in Burien (hence the B-Town Web!) Chad fell in love with programming and web design ever since he left PricewaterhouseCoopers and corporate America in 2007. Sports fan who follows all the local teams, I also like running and spending time with my wife and 2 awesome daughters.
Laurence Fiedler
Web Developer
Born and raised in Detroit, then bumped into Seattle. I have a BS in Psychology and an AAS in Web/Database Development. I love working with people, logic and math, but never at the same time. I raise superior cats who think they can play piano. I believe that in my lifetime the Detroit Lions will win a Superbowl and I will be able to follow a professional basketball team here in Seattle.
Matt Peters
$matt = new Programmer(!$microsoft);
Andrew Crawley
Web Developer
Wordpress wizard, sports enthusiast, sushi eater.
Travin Keith
Project Manager
A nomad currently in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, but considers Seattle to be his true home.
Scott Evenson
Web Developer
"I'm probably gonna put something really stupid here." -Scott Evenson